Low Fees

Trade 100 Crypto Coins

97% Uptime

Slick Interface

Low Complaints

9 Out of 10

Best For Alts

0.3% Typical Fees


Low Fees

Trade 12 Crypto Coins

99% Uptime

Simple Interface

Low Complaints

10 Out of 10

Best Crypto Exchange

0.25% Typical Fees


No Fees

0 Crypto Coins

98% Uptime

Clean Interface

Low Complaints

9 Out of 10

Best For Forex

Spread fees

Which Exchange To Choose?

There are over one hundred crypto currency exchanges & thousands of crypto currency markets or trading pairs. We have studied & used most of the English speaking ones and have thus compiled a list of our top exchanges based on the following criteria.

  • Lowest amount of user complaints on twitter
  • Webpage uptime statistics
  • Webpage lag
  • Webpage speed
  • Ease of use
  • Time taken to clear first bitcoin deposit
  • Crypto community acceptance
  • Decent alexa rank
  • Increasing alexa rank

This resulted in the current top three exchanges, which are, Binance, Bitmex & 1Broker. Binance was found to have the largest quantity of coins on offer, Bitmex was found to be the best crypto exchange & 1Broker was found to be the best for trading traditional markets.

These are our current top 3 crypto exchanges

Bitmex Review

Bitmex scores 10 out of 10. We believe Bitmex is the best exchange, it has the largest daily BTC/USD volume, currently around 2-3 Billion USD per day.

  • Bitmex give you the ability to buy & sell crypto coins with leverage in a very quick and easy fashion.
  • Setup takes minutes and your account can be private if required (no document uploads).
  • The ability to sell without owning a particular crypto-currency means you can hedge your positions and make more money.
  • Low margin fees that are fairly balanced between longs and shorts, 50% of the time you get paid to have a position open!
  • You can buy a fairly large amount of Bitcoin with a small start up cost.

They offer 100x leverage on Bitcoin and upto 50x on 12 other crypto coins. Huge profits can be made. Trade Bitcoin, Cardano, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Neo, Monero, Ripple, Stellar & Zcash.

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  • Low Fees
  • Leverage trading
  • Ability to short
  • Low number of complaints
  • Simple Interface
  • 10000 Alexa rank increasing
  • Most liquid Bitcoin exchange

Visit the official website here

Binance Review

Binance scores 9 out of 10. We believe binance to be the best alt coin exchange, they have a very high approval rating within the crypto community & are managing to scale up with the massive influx of new users.

They do sometimes halt registrations if they are overwhelmed, but keep trying as they normally re-open on a daily basis.

  • Low Fees
  • 500+ Crypto Pairs
  • Low number of complaints
  • 5+ Million Users
  • Slick Interface
  • 228 Alexa rank increasing

Visit the official website here

1 Broker Review

1Broker scores 9 out of 10. We believe 1Broker is the best way to trade forex & traditional markets, they have no trading fees & industry leading spreads (spreads from 0.0077).

In 2017 they stopped the trading pair of BTC/USD but they still offer forex, indices & commodity trading. Deposits and withdrawals are in bitcoin only.

They offer leverage (upto 200x) and short selling.

They also have a very unique feature which is called “copy trading”. This feature means that you can copy successful traders. Just search for a trader that you like and lock in your trade to copy everything that they do.

  • No Fees
  • Leverage trading
  • Ability to short
  • Low number of complaints
  • Easy to use Interface
  • 90000 Alexa rank

Visit the official website here


Past Performance

Crypto Coins are a high risk, high reward type of deal, they have been among the best performing asset classes since there inception. The CRIX index monitors the performance of crypto currencies and is a decent benchmark for the crypto market.

CRIX are dedicated to giving everyone, who is interested, insight about the current and past movement of this young market. The CRIX is real-time computed by the Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz chair of statistics at Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany.

If you would like to investigate the past performance for yourself head over to the CRIX website here.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Leverage trading is not for beginners and should only be tried if you have studied the topic and understand the downside risks.